Moona - Christmas kit

Is it a gift?

⚠️ Limited Christmas discount until the 30th of November!

$100 off + Free sleep kit to put underneath the Christmas tree.

Offer your loved ones a gift of inestimable value: better sleep.

Estimated delivery for Moona: early second quarter of 2019.

Estimated delivery for sleep kit: 15th of December



  • Thermoregulated pillow Pad
  • Bedside pod
  • Mobile App to track sleep and manage device 



  • Fall asleep faster
  • Wake up less during the night
  • Warm wake up option: a gentle alternative to your alarm clock
  • Understand your sleep quality (on the app)
  • Sleep coaching (on the app)


* Please note: Moona has a one-year warranty and you can get a complete refund at any time until the product has been shipped.

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