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MOONA - Active Cooling

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Alex Zegar

I’ve had my Moona for over two years now. It’s Still running strong. Use it every night. As a 37 yr old active and fit male that has sleep issues. Sleep apnea, enlarged heart which seems to cause my face and head to be hot especially at night. And a deviated septum (which I just had surgery to fix). This device has been a game changer. I sleep better and wake up without my alarm clock when it turns off. I don’t even need the warm wake feature. I keep it on max cool and never change it. The Moona paired with my Cpap machine has saved my life! Thank you Moona Team!

Love my Moona!

I’ve had my Moona for a couple years now, and I love it! Sleeping is much more comfortable now. So much so, that’s hard to understand how I got through all these years without one. I even pack it up with me if I’m going somewhere where we are staying more than three days.

Only issue I have is occasionally I need to play around with the unit, the power, or the settings to either help it reconnect, or to make sure it drinks up a fresh batch of water after I pour it.
- Never takes too long to resolve either issue.

Customer support has always been prompt and reliable as well.

If you are thinking about getting one, you prob need it in your life! It’s totally worth it!!

Best purchase of 2021

I’ve had mine since August 2021 and it has been amazing. I sleep hot even in the winter, and the Moona has helped me sleep deeper and more comfortable. It’s been a dream getting to sleep on a truly cold pillow every night. I did have to buy a new pillow to go with the pad since it does add some resistance and height. With my soft and low height latex pillow, it’s a perfect combo. Well worth the investment. Only issue I’ve had is with the app asking me to update every night even though I have many times. It also stopped tracking my light and activity during the night about a month after I got it, and I’m not sure why. I don’t really care though.

Jim C.
Within a few nights, my sleep quality had improved dramatically. The results after several months...

As a physician, I understand the importance of sound, deep sleep. Like nearly all reviewers, I have personally struggled many years in adulthood getting to sleep, and more significantly with waking up from sleep at night,flipping my pillow throughout the night to find a cool spot, and difficulty falling back asleep due to the 'hot head' feeling on my pillow.
Overall, I'm extremely pleased and think the device is absolutely worth the cost. My Moona device goes underneath my pillowcase, and the heat pump unit goes on my bedside table. It took a few nights to find the right temperatures for going to sleep, during sleep and waking up (note: my settings differ greatly from the suggested/default temperatures the app algorithm attempts to recommend). Within a few nights, my sleep quality had improved dramatically. The results after several months of use are impressive--a game changer! Thanks to now having a truly cool pillow, it's easy to fall asleep, stay asleep, go back to sleep when tossing and turning or waking up in the middle of sound sleep, and waking up comfortably in the morning (all with a cool pillow). The device works seamlessly, is easy to set up and use (and once you get the wake-up time and temp settings configured, you can operate it entirely manually), doesn't leak, and operates quietly at night (with a while noise machine running at the same time, you can't even hear the Moona's heat pump). Like other reviewers, I love the feeling of turning on the device and immediately feeling the heat leave my pillow. How wonderful to put my hand over the top of the heat pump and feel hot air--transferred from my head to the pillow to the heat pump--being ejected!

Steve Gale
This has saved my life and sanity

I purchased a Moona in January 21. I have had issues getting to sleep for years. Turning the pillow over constantly to get a cool spot for my head. I have tried cold "hot water bottles" but they move around and eventually get warm., wet towels etc. This machine has helped me so much. I now fall asleep almost immediately and stay asleep longer. I don't wake up in the night to turn my pillow over. It's awesome. I am a hot sleeper so I run it quite cool - Around 23 degrees C. I am going to buy another one in case this one breaks down. I would not be able to cope without it.
There are a couple off small downsides. 1. You have to position the unit in such a way that the hose coming out of the back doesn't kink so can't have it facing out into the room. 2. The bluetooth connection has to be reset EVERY night.
New Product Suggestion.- a smaller travel version would be awesome.
Thanks Moona

The World First Active Cooling Pillow Pad

MOONA is the most efficient Cooling Pillow Pad due to its unique active thermo-regulation system that keeps your pillow constantly cool.

Based on medical studies, MOONA has been developed from the fact that temperature is key in your sleep quality.

The head and neck area are core regions for the whole body thermoregulation. Having the right temperature around this area will naturally improves your sleep and helps you get rid of night sweats and hot flashes, fall asleep faster and get more deep sleep.

There's only a few units remaining for this batch of products ! Then, for the latecomers, the next production will be shipped in the first half of 2020.

MOONA has been featured on the BBC, Forbes, Engadget and dozens of other publications.

Our system learns from your personal preferences to help you fall asleep faster, get more deep sleep and wake up refreshed.


Thermoregulated pillow Pad Bedside pod Mobile App to track sleep and manage device


Fall asleep faster Wake up less during the night Warm wake up option: a gentle alternative to your alarm clock Understand your sleep quality (on the app) Sleep coaching (on the app)


* Please note: Moona has a one-year warranty and you can get a complete refund at any time until the product has been shipped.

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