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Featured on the BBC, Forbes, Engadget and dozens of other publications, Moona is a smart device that actively regulates body temperature to improve sleep quality.

Our system learns from your personal preferences to help you fall asleep faster, get more deep sleep and wake up refreshed.


  • Thermoregulated pillow Pad
  • Bedside pod
  • Mobile App to track sleep and manage device


Based on scientific research, we developed Moona assisted by doctors to help people struggling with sleep issues.

Unlike most sleep tech solutions, our system actively works to improve sleep.


  • Fall asleep faster
  • Wake up less during the night
  • Warm wake up option: a gentle alternative to your alarm clock
  • Understand your sleep quality (on the app)
  • Sleep coaching (on the app)

We strive to be a complete, safe alternative to sleeping pills.

* Please note: Moona has a one-year warranty and you can get a complete refund at any time until the product has been shipped.

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