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Customer reviews for Moona

Listen from our customers, who not have +500,000 improved sleep hours all thanks to our active cooling pillow.
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Beat all expectations !!

We have bought and tried everything to improve our sleep and nothing worked for more than a short while. The price seemed a bit high but there is a 30 day return option so I decided to try it and here I am back to buy another one!! And I will be back for more as birthdays come around this year. The pad maintains the temperature precisely and all night, the material is so soft and high quality, I was concerned I would hear and /or feel the water but I don’t at all. We use it without the app and have no issues using it that way. I can’t express just how perfect this is. I don’t typically write reviews but I have to share just how impressed we are. After using the Moona for a few weeks now I don’t consider it over priced, quality sleep is worth a lot to me and this product delivers! If you’re at all hesitant.. just try it.. you won’t be disappointed!! I can’t wait til our second one arrives!!

I bought this after buying another company’s bed pad and waking up in the middle of the night with my body cool but my head still feeling hot, I had a lot of issues with that product as well so when I saw Moona at significantly less money, I knew I had to try it. I like this product so much more. It’s quieter and easier to clean and it keeps me cool. I love having a pillow that stays cool all night long. I highly recommend this!

Originally I wanted something a lot bigger, but when the support team explained the science to me, I realised the pillow pad was all I needed! I’ve only had it for a fortnight but I can already feel the difference.

Finally a cool pillow!!

I’ve tried so many pillow types, bladders, cooling patches, fans with water sprays, ice packs, etc etc and Moona is the ONLY thing that worked.

It didn’t work straight away, oh no- the machine required almost two hours of fiddling to update the firmware completely (set it up during daytime- not at nighttime like I did) and get the app working smoothly (i recommend having the “tail” of the pillow coming out the side of the pillow you least favour and set up the fan to “white noise” continuous) but when it works... omg... it’s pure heaven :)

Finally I’ve had a decent nights sleep for the first time in many years. I’m a “hot headed sleeper” and my head can cook a pillow in under a minute - even one fresh from the fridge) becomes too warm to be comfortable in under 10 minutes.

The next best thing is something I had to order from Japan- it’s a “soft ice” cool pack that doesn’t freeze solid and still remains cool for 6-8 hours. But it requires 12-16 hours of freezer time each day and can’t be washed or aired properly (putting a washable cover in it didn’t work so I had to sleep with a towel over it) and travelling with it relied on my host having space and grace to put it into their freezer. It was difficult to keep it smelling nice when travelling.

I set my moona to 20 or 21 degrees all night (almost the maximum minimum temperature available) and I’m comfortable :) I love the nap function (something I could never do with the “soft ice” as it needed a long time to cool down/prepare each night) and the white noise function (with adjustable fan/pump loudness) to avoid it switching on and off to keep the temperature constant.

Two problems: 1) it’s bulky for travelling but, who cares as it guarantees a cool sleep! Well worth sacrificing a little bit of space in the suitcase and 2) it needs a replacement pillow case or at least an easy/possible way to order one. I sent a request for a replacement months ago but haven’t gotten a reply back- I figured I used the wrong communication method and today I sent in a request via the website instead.

It’s not for everyone but, for me, Moona is the ONLY thing that keeps my pillow cool and allows me to sleep at night :)

Thank you :)

Best early Christmas present I ever got

Took a while to get to me but certainly worth the wait

I almost didn’t buy my Moona seeing as it is a bit pricey but thankfully I was caught on an impulsive day and I’ve slept much better ever since

Love my Moona

After a couple of days working out the correct temperature settings, I LOVE my Moona. I used to wake up during the night very hot and couldn't get back to sleep, or wake up with a headache that at times would turn into a migraine. Now, I sleep throughout the night, the covers stay on and I haven't woken up hot in the past week. I wasted my money on those cooling gel pillows, that never worked, but no more. Moona is just what I was looking for....I would highly recommend it to anyone who gets hot during the night, it is GREAT...Thank you Moona

I can finally shut my windows! I was getting so tired of either sweating profusely or letting swarms of insects into my room, Moona truly is two birds with one stone!

Stressful time with school reopening making sleep more challenging but Moona has helped a ton regardless

Coolest Pillow Ever

I am a hot sleeper. I’ve been on a hunt to find the coolest pillow and/mattress to help with the hot sleeping. I’ve tried many, many cooling pillows and all of them would retain heat after an hour or two and I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

When I found out about Moona, I was excited because the concept and design had science to back it up. After waiting what felt like an eternity of hot sleepless nights, Moona arrived at my door in early January 2020. I kid you not, the first night I slept on the pillow was the best sleep I had in years. It’s been nine months since sleeping with it and I don’t think I can sleep without it. I think for anyone that sleeps hot, this is the best solution for sleep.

I have a weird condition where my body tends to overheat while I sleep, Moona has helped significantly in helping me reclaim hours of sleep. However, it only helps cool my head and neck. If Moona ever develops a body pad, I would seriously consider purchasing one as my body still sleeps hot and causes me to still wake up in the middle of the night.

Great Product

Moona is unbelievable! I'm so pleased I was introduced to this by my friend, I will never look back.

I no longer endlessly awake to turn my pillow.

With my finals coming up, I really needed to get my sleep in order, so glad I found Moona.

I’ve tried so many gel pillow, wish I found this first, would have saved me a lot of money

I have to say I am really pleased with my Moona. I honestly wasn't sure it was going to work but I had to find out with the 30 night trial. Can't believe I never heard of this before when it works so well.

I can finally shut my windows! I was getting so tired of either sweating profusely or letting swarms of insects into my room, Moona truly is two birds with one stone!

Love it

Thank you for making Moona. It has made a huge difference in my sleep. I love it!

Thank you Moona!

When I get into bed to my cooled pillow it makes me smile and say AHHH. Here’s another thing that I think is happening since I got my Moona, I have graves/thyroid disease and hair sheds like crazy but a couple weeks ago I noticed that the hair loss is only about a third loss of what it was and I’ve had thyroid for 20 years. The only change I’ve made is my Moona, so a cooled pillow helps.

More comfortable than my actual pillow! I put my Moona on top of my pillow it's so soft and cold. Sleep has been amazing ever since I got it delivered.

Originally I wanted something a lot bigger, but when the support team explained the science to me, I realised the pillow pad was all I needed! I’ve only had it for a fortnight but I can already feel the difference

I am blind and use the voice-over screen reader functionality on the iPhone to be able to access all parts of the phone and any apps. I like how tactile the buttons are and the unit seems nice and quiet. Love the product!

Very effective

I fall asleep faster. I don't wake up as often because of being hot or sweaty.


Love my Moona and have been telling everyone about it. A good night's sleep is very important for me and Moona is the only way I have been able to achieve it lately.

Really takes the thinking out of falling asleep. The second my face lands on the pillow I’m in for the night. Even my boyfriend can’t get me to move after I lie down on the Moona. He asks if I want to watch TV and I just tell him “I can’t, I’m on the Moona.”

I have been using Moona for a few weeks now and I love it. It keeps my head fresh and I have definitely been sleeping better !