Our Story

Having both suffered from significant sleep problems, Coline and David founded Moona in 2016 to fight the modern epidemic of sleep deprivation. 

Coline Juin and David Stoikovitch, Moona cofounders

Some studies estimate that we're sleeping a full hour less now than in the 1950s. This has real consequences on our health, happiness and productivity.  

Lack of sleep has been linked with cancer, obesity and depression. RAND calculated that insufficient sleep costs $411 billion each year to the US economy alone!

Despite the importance of the issue, there's a lack of solutions to help people struggling from sleep. Some options are inefficient while sleeping pills have undesirable side-effects and can cause dependency. 

Medical research showed the influence of temperature on sleep. To get good sleep, we need to lose 1°C of core temperature. The most restorative sleep happens when body temperature reaches its minimum. 

 Have you never switched your pillow to the cooler side when trying to fall asleep?  


Based on those findings, we started developing Moona with the help of doctors. Our goal is to actively regulate body temperature to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

We found out that each body part plays a different role in regulating our core temperature. We decided to focus on the head/neck area, a major body heat exchanger. This enabled us to more efficiently regulate core body temperature.

We also believe sleep is very personal. Our chronotypes, our temperature preferences and the reasons for poor sleep can be very different. By tailoring our support depending on your profile, we are convinced we will bring better results. We believe in the power of machine learning to do so

Benefits of Moona:

  • fall asleep faster
  • stay asleep
  • gentle wake up
  • Individual approach
  • always-improving system 


March 2016: Creation

January 2017: Selected by Business France to participate at the CES in Las Vegas

Moona CES 2017

March-June 2017: Accelerated at Hax (world's largest hardware accelerator) in Shenzhen, China

Moona team in Shenzhen

June 2017: Clinical trial, Nantes University Hospital (France)

August 2017: European patent filing

September 2017: Kickstarter campaign. $150k raised, three times our initial goal.

2018: Finalizing mass production and insuring product quality.

To help us accelerate our launch and increase our R&D, we've raised an additional $750 000 in May from SOSV, Privilège Management and various business angels.

improved Moona

Always improving! Our new bedside device is smaller, lighter and quieter.


    If you made it here, thanks for your attention! 🙂

    We're always available if you have a question or some feedback. You can visit our contact page or send us an email: hello@getmoona.com