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The Truth About Bed Cooling Systems & Bed Air Conditioners

When it comes to the subject of bed cooling systems, there have been lots of arguments and confusion amongst homeowners. For instance, there are people who don’t believe that a bed cooling system can work as it has been advertised by most sellers. In case you happen to be amongst these individuals, it is a sign that you are ignorant about how these systems have been built to work when used. Furthermore, it has been discovered that many people struggle to buy cooling systems that can meet their needs without any compromise. There is nothing special or complicated about a bed cooling system.

You have definitely come to the right place where everything about bed cooling systems will be revealed. The primary aim of this post is to enable you to see genuine reasons why you should take advantage of this technology today. The details of this article will be discussed under the following subheadings: 

What bed cooling systems are and what they do

  • What are bed cooling systems? 
  • How do bed cooling systems work? 
  • Features of the best bed cooling systems
  • Benefits of bed cooling systems
  • Complete buying guide for bed cooling systems
  • Frequently asked questions about bed cooling systems
  • What is the best bed cooling system?

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What are bed cooling systems?

These are mattresses that have been developed/manufactured to enable you to become more comfortable while sleeping at night via proper temperature regulation. As explained by Natural Sleep Foundation, the perfect temperature that can enable you to sleep comfortably is between 60F and 70F. Anything more than this means you will struggle in the night to sleep. 


Have you ever noticed a situation whereby your bed is extremely warm? Did you notice that you couldn’t sleep properly due to such a condition? One of the reasons why falling asleep during any of those rainy nights is easy is because of the cold weather. When your bed is too warm, you will be awake. This has some serious health implications on your system like stroke, heart failure, heart attack, stress, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

Warm bed keeps you from sleeping


Bed cooling systems are the solution to ensure you are sleeping comfortably at night without any hassle. If your mattress is usually hot for any reason during night periods, there is every reason to believe that you need a bed cooler

How bed cooling systems work?

The first thing you need to understand about mattress cooling systems is that they are of different types. There are passive cooling systems, active cooling systems, advanced cooling systems, and many others. It is very important to note that each bed cooler works in a different and unique way. 


A passive cooling system works in a simple way that you can easily understand. This is through heat dissipation and increased ventilation. There are some that work through trapping heat from your body or mattress and having it dissipated. Examples of these systems are cooling mattress toppers as well as pads. Special materials have been used in producing them for comfort. These materials are bamboo, ventilated foam, and cooling gel. 

Bamboo helps dissipate heat and keep you cool


Active cooling systems tend to be more proactive as compared to the above option. In other words, they do not only dissipate heat. Instead, they also ensure that temperature is reduced. Some examples of these cooling systems are water-cooled systems, air-cooled systems, bed and pillow fans. 


Advanced cooling systems tend to come with more features that enable you to experience much better comfort. This means they are not just about basic cooling as other personalised settings and functionalities are included. There are some that have smart technology for optimum performance and comfort. There is no need to worry about which one you can purchase for now. This is because later on, we will be showing you how to make the right choice based on various factors. 

Features of the best bed cooling systems

The best mattress cooling systems are known for their sophisticated features. This section will be revealing some of such features.

Smart temperature control

The major reason for purchasing a bed cooling system is for improved temperature. When such a feature is absent, you will hardly get good value for money. There are some cooling systems that can blow cool air into your bed. In case you are always experiencing sweat during night periods, this will be perfect. It will ensure you are cool as well as comfortable since sweat will be dried faster from your body. 

Without proper temperature regulation, your mattress and pillow will become uncomfortable to make use of. This is because you will have to deal with too much sweat and heat. One of the most effective features of these is to ensure such temperature is perfectly regulated. Night sleep has never been more comfortable. 

Bed coolers have temperature control embedded

Adjustable settings

This is very important if you are using any of those advanced mattress cooling systems. In case you are searching for the best bed cooling system, ensure to look out for one that has flexible settings. This is in areas like temperature, modes, and fan speed. Most smart mattress cooling systems will enable you to adjust temperature settings. This is usually within the range of 65°F and 100°F. 


You can find this on their remote screens. With the fan speed control feature, the cooling system can be adjusted to produce minimal noise. Modes feature enables you to determine the rate at which such a bed will be cooled. For instance, most of the smart and advanced cooling systems come with three modes - turbo, heat, and cool. Some even have a dry mode in case you seem to be sweating profusely during night periods. 

As you progress during your sleep, different temperatures are required. There are mattress cooling systems that maintain various settings to enable you to feel comfortable during such phases. You have the rare chance of choosing any temperature that suits your condition.

Comfortable foam

It is true that many mattress cooling systems have been released into the market in recent years. However, you need to understand that very few of them are worth your time. This is because they can’t provide real comfort. A mattress cooling system is referred to as a “bed ac unit”. However, what makes it complete in enabling users to experience maximum comfort is how the foam has been designed. 

Soft mattresses are a big part of cooling beds

In a nutshell, top mattress cooling systems have foams that are very comfortable. For instance, if you don’t like making use of a pillow while sleeping, such foams can meet your needs. This is because you will be comfortable at night. Their pads are of very high quality.

Advanced features

There is nothing bad going for any of those mattress cooling systems with basic features. However, it is much better looking out for a bed ac unit that comes with advanced features that will provide you with some extra benefits. For instance, there are some that are designed to include features that track the quality of your sleepover time. 


This is probably one of the coolest advanced features you can think of. Imagine being able to analyse how you are sleeping on a daily basis. This gives you the chance of experiencing a high level of comfort. You will know how to improve your sleep every single day. Another mattress cooling system that includes advanced features is one which works on your mobile device or smartphone. With this, you can make lots of adjustments instantly. 

Benefits of bed cooling systems

Despite the increasing popularity of bed ac units, there are people who haven’t decided to make use of them. This is due to ignorance about how these mattresses have been designed to work. In case you are amongst these people, read on to find out why you shouldn’t do without a bed air conditioner starting from today. This is because the details below will be revealing some of the top benefits that such technology can offer.

Zero retaining of heat

If you are still using any of those traditional mattresses, it is high time you upgraded to a bed air conditioner. This is a technology with breathtaking features to ensure you are experiencing first hand comfort. Traditional mattresses are known to accumulate heat. This in turn makes your skin feel sticky during night periods. Of course, the end result is great discomfort.   

Traditional mattresses do not let the heat from your body disperse

Cooling mattresses have been designed to disperse heat instead of trapping it. With this, heat will be removed from your body. It makes you sleep comfortably without any problem. Apart from heat depriving you of a smooth sleep, it can bring about an offensive smell in your room. Bed cooling systems are the only solution to this problem.

Proper management of night sweat

Heat and sweat may sound similar but they are not the same. The only thing is that the former usually leads to the latter. If you have a pregnant woman in the house, there is every reason to start considering how to purchase a bed cooling system from today. This is because studies have shown that pregnant women usually sweat profusely during night periods. The same can be said of women experiencing perimenopause and menopause. Excessive sweating can make you wake up unnecessarily at night. The implication of this is that your level of concentration during the daytime will be affected. 

In such a case, you need a bed ac unit. It has been built to enable proper regulation of your body temperature. If you have been experiencing this problem for years, there is every reason to believe that solutions like reduction of caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol consumption will not help that much. Instead, you need an effective solution like a bed air conditioner.

The perfect weight loss solution

Are you trying to lose weight? Do you know that most of the solutions in the market for weight loss don’t work? The worst part is that you can be prone to some long-term medical conditions. The best way to lose weight is using a solution that will enable such a process to happen naturally. 

Weight loss is something improved by the cooling mattresses

There is no need to rack your brains where to find such a solution as mattress cooling systems have proven to be the perfect answer over the years. Studies have shown that they can improve your metabolism. Of course, there is an inverse relationship between weight gain and metabolism. 

With poor metabolism, you are likely to gain too much weight within a short period of time. On the other, improved metabolism can help you lose weight. Abed air conditioner can make all of these things happen. Once your body temperature is regulated properly, your metabolism is likely to improve. This is probably one of the easiest and safest ways to lose weight.

Comfortable sleep

To many people, having a comfortable sleep during night periods is rocket science. This is because they don’t believe it can happen. If you are experiencing poor sleeping habits, this technology can help to a great extent. As mentioned above, there are health implications when you don’t sleep as often as medical experts have recommended. These could be problems like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, physical pains all over your body, and many others. 

Comfortable sleeping is promoted by cooling mattresses
All of these problems are likely to become severe once not handled immediately. Do you want to know the good part? It is a fact that using the best bed cooling system can help ensure you sleep regularly as expected during night periods. Imagine not having to deal with heat and sweat-related problems while sleeping.

They are environmental-friendly

When it comes to environmentally-friendly items that can be used within the home, you are quick to think about cosmetics and food products. The truth is that mattress cooling systems tick all of such boxes too. This technology has been perfected over the years and is safe to be used by different age groups of individuals. 


For instance, they contain fabrics of very high quality that will ensure the safety of users. Their foams have been made to go through a series of tests in order to ensure they are in line with various government requirements and stipulations.

Environmental friendly are cooling beds

Complete buying guide for bed cooling systems

Having discovered some of the top benefits of bed air conditioners, there is every reason to believe that you can’t wait to purchase one today. It is however important to note that not all mattress cooling systems can meet your needs. As a matter of fact, there are some that are not worth your money and time due to their substandard quality. This section will be helping to list out some powerful tips for purchasing the right mattress cooling system. Just read on and apply the ideas wherever necessary. 

Consider features 

When it comes to buying the best bed cooling system in the market, features and functionalities are some of the key factors to consider. This technology is supposed to enable you to experience maximum comfort without any compromise. The problem is that there are too many mattress cooling systems with limited features. 

If you really want good value for money spent, try to consider whether the bed ac unityou plan to purchase has all the features required to meet your needs. These could be comfortable foam made with organic materials, flexible settings, smart temperature control technology via phone, and many more. When features are complete, you will not have any reason to consider the option of upgrade after later on. 

Optimum performance

This is another important aspect you need to find out before making any financial commitment towards a bed cooling system. It is good to check whether such a system has all the modern features as explained above. However, you also need to verify if truly these features are effective. Many desperate sellers/companies can make false claims about their low-quality products. 

Do you want to know how to find out whether a mattress cooling system is working or not as expected? There is only one way which is checking what other users are saying about its efficiency and performance. A cooling system with too many negative reviews isn’t good for you. 

Bad reviews for a cooling system means it is not a good system

This is because it won’t perform up to your expectations once used in the night. In a nutshell, check what past users are saying about any of those bed cooling systems before pulling out your credit card.

Consider durability

It can be very frustrating to spend your hard-earned money on something that can’t stand the test of time. This is why you have to be careful about choosing from the various mattress cooling systems in the market. Most of them have been built with low-quality materials. Initially, they will perform very well when used at night. However, as time goes on, their quality will begin to reduce. This means you will have to start looking for another replacement sooner than expected. 

Durability of a cooling system is a determining fact in its favour

If you can look out for a bed air conditioner that has been built with original fabrics and other materials, all of such problems can be avoided. Just as explained above, try to purchase something that hasn’t been compromised. This is the only way of getting access to a bed ac unit that can stand the test of time.

Ease of setup

This is another top factor to consider when searching for the best bed cooling system. Avoid a bed cooler that seems too complicated to set up. Of course, there are many of them like that in the market. Sometimes you need special skills and knowledge to have them set up. Just try as much as possible to stick with any of those bed coolers that have been designed to be user-friendly. 

Consider your budget

Trying to look at the features and functionalities of a bed cooler without taking your budget into consideration is like shooting yourself in the legs. This is because it doesn’t matter how impressive a bed air conditioner may look. Such won’t do you any good if you can’t afford it. Ensure that whatever bed cooling system you are analysing is within your budget. 

A good cooling system needs to be within your budget

The best way of going about this is by checking out different options. They usually vary in terms of price. All you have to do is compare their prices in order to know which one is most affordable. You can also take an extra step to discuss discounts with the sellers. Some of them might be generous enough to offer you. 


These are some of the most powerful ways to get the best mattress cooling systems from the market. Each time you try to make a buying decision without using any of these tips, you could get burnt by desperate and fraudulent sellers.

Frequently asked questions about bed cooling systems

Over the years, many questions have been asked about bed cooling systems from people. Some of these questions have shown that many people don’t understand much about these bed coolers including what they have been created to do once used. This section will be looking at some of the most popular questions about a bed cooling system


It is recommended you check these out before going ahead to purchase one today. We have tried our best to provide you with the most accurate answers to each of these questions.

What makes a bed cooling system different from a traditional mattress?

This is one of the most popular questions that most people have been asking in the past. In case you don’t know, a bed cooler is quite unique given how it has been designed to function. For instance, traditional mattresses are known to retain heat. This makes you uncomfortable while sleeping. In a nutshell, it reduces the quality of your sleep to a great extent. 

Traditional mattresses keep you hot and results in hot flashes

Bed cooling systems on the other hand tend to come with advanced features. This ensures that while you are sleeping, your temperature is regulated in the most perfect way. They have a way of removing heat instead of retaining it, unlike traditional mattresses.

Are bed cooling systems worth it?

The answer to this question is yes. Bed coolers are the easiest way to experience true comfort while you are sleeping. It ensures you don’t have to sweat profusely. A problem such as this can reduce your sleep quality to a great extent. With this technology, you won’t experience abnormal conditions that lack of quality sleep causes like high blood pressure, stress, depression, anxiety, low level of concentration, and many others. 

A good cooling system prevents you from suffering from conditions like stress and depression

Problems like these can make you spend more than necessary in the long term for treatments. With the best bed cooling system, you have a rare chance of not experiencing low-quality sleep. It means these health conditions will be nonexistent.

How can I purchase the best bed cooling system?

Bed cooling systems offer lots of benefits. However, you need to use those which are of very high quality in order to experience such benefits firsthand. Purchasing the best mattress cooling systems is not complicated in any way. Watch out for factors like;


  • Durability 
  • Their features and functionalities 
  • Customer reviews 
  • Seller reputation to know whether he has got a trusted brand
  • Ease of setup

What are the signs to show that I need a bed cooling system?

Everyone who desires to experience comfort while sleeping in the night needs a mattress cooling system. In case you are still doubting whether a bed cooler is worth all the hassles, there are signs to always watch out for. These will enable you to know whether such is needed or not. Below are some of the signs. 


  • When you are constantly searching for the cold side of your pillow while sleeping
  • When you need to track the quality of your sleep. There are some mattress cooling systems that come with such features
  • When you are turning on the AC every night to maintain a cool temperature. This definitely means more money
  • When your partner is always feeling hot and uncomfortable. A cooling mattress can prove to be the perfect solution
  • When you are feeling terrible in the morning due to being too hot while sleeping

A cooling system is a solution for you if you keep on making your AC cooler

What is the best bed cooling system?

There is no doubting the fact that finding a top-quality bed cooling system amongst the various options in the market is not a straightforward process. This is because you will be expected to make your choice from different brands. The truth is that very few can meet your needs as expected. 


Talking about the best bed cooler,there is every reason to believe that Moona ticks all of the boxes. Even though MOONA is a cooling system, it easily compares to full bed cooling systems out there. It is one of the few cooling systems that hold nothing back when it comes to offering the best features and functionalities to users. Some of its features are; 

  • Highly flexible settings. For instance, you can adjust the temperature for better sleep 
  • Constant regulation of temperature all through the night
  • Sleep quality tracking feature
  • 3 times quieter than your fan or AC for uninterrupted sleep
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android

These are signs that the MOONA cooling system is a typical example of what a complete and modern cooling system is supposed to be like. It is therefore recommended to start considering how you can take advantage of this today.


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