January 21, 2019 3 min read


2019 will be an important year for Moona. Our most important yet! The reality for startups is that each year is more important than the previous one. That’s what makes the adventure so exciting.

We wanted to give you more transparency about what we plan to do this upcoming year:

  • Ship Moona to our first customers (!)

The biggest milestone of the year, by far.

We are getting closer to shipping a finished product and we couldn’t have done it without our Kickstarter backers. Thanks to their trust, we proved the value of the concept. This enabled us to convince additional investors, grow the team, accelerate product development and bring our vision to life.

We are stillon track to deliver Moona to our first customers this Spring.

  • Have a second medical thesis conducted around Moona

  • After a promising first study with 15 subjects in 2017,  we are working again with Nantes University Hospital to run asecond study on thirty women between the age of 35 and 65. We chose this target group as they gave us very positive reviews during our tests. Moona has been particularly valuable for testers who have had their sleep disrupted by night sweats, a common occurrence around menopause.

    We are hopeful the study will confirm the great benefits Moona has brought to our testers.

  • Improve the product

  • The wonderful thing about smart devices like Moona is that we can keep making it smarter over time.

    Hardware needs to attain extremely high standards before being released, which explains the frequent shipping delays, but software can be improved continuously.

    Improvements to the mobile app experience and the embedded software will roll out throughout 2019. Your feedback will help us decide what to tackle first. We hope to work on integrating Moona with other smart home systems (ie. vocal assistants), sleep coaching, etc

    What our mobile app looks like from the other side

  • Reach more people 

    Startup = Growth” according to Silicon Valley guru Paul Graham.

    We have been encouraged by the successful Kickstarter campaign and the constant pre-orders we have gotten onour website since. We believe Moona can help a lot of people given how frequent sleep disorders are (1 adult out of 3).

    The recipe to do so is simple. First, we need to delight our initial customers and then spread the word out.

    We will continue selling Moona on our website before expanding to new distribution channels (Amazon and key online marketplaces, physical retail, etc)

  • Grow the team
  • We are still hiring! (Look at theJob opportunities and contact us at jobs@getmoona.com)

    Our approach to tackle sleep disorders is based on two pillars: temperature regulation and personalization. Temperature is widely recognized as a key factor on sleep quality (scientific highlights). We also know theroot causes behind poor sleep vary significantly between individuals. Our tests have confirmed that personal preferences change a lot between two users.

    As thousands of Moonas get into your hands and start improving your nights, we will gather (anonymized) sleep data. This is what willenable us to continue working on our personalization pillar.

    We will strengthen the team with data experts to analyze the sleep insights and better understand which temperatures lead to better sleep. We are very confident we will identify patterns and be able to improve the efficiency of Moona over time.

    • And many other things

    We would like tocontinue to raise awareness about the importance of sleep in our life. Our mission is to help people struggling with sleep. We hope to do that with our product but we can also contribute to the mission by advancing the research, educating about the good sleep habits, etc

    Check outMoona on CNET

    We intend to launch a second version of our website. We want to get better at explaining how Moona works and its benefits. We have already started working on the project but this is taking more work than we anticipated. Expect to see the new website in the next few months.

    Launch an Instagram account. We chose not to have one until now to focus on other stuff. With one billion users, Instagram will be a great platform to reach new customers and communicate visually about Moona. We just secured the username@getmoona and we will start posting soon.

    We have a lot on our plate. We better get going now!

    Thanks for reading us and have a great year.

    Any questions, suggestions? Please reach out to us athello@getmoona.com or onFacebook.