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June 03, 2019 3 min read

Almost there!

Summer is coming and hot nights too. It is getting warm and you already start to turn on your very silent (or not!) AC or open your window...

Do not scratch your mosquito bites anymore, we are working full speed to propose a great quality product and today, we wanted to update you on our progress!


In this update, we will talk about:

  • Hardware and Production, 
  • Team news,
  • Shipping timeline

1) Hardware andProduction

Coline, David (both co-founders) and Laurent (Embedded Software Engineer) all successively spent 10 days in our factories in Shenzhen over the last month to move as fast as possible on all production related subjects. 

Coline, Yoann (Production Manager based in Shenzhen) and engineers from our Plastic and Assembly factory : assembling and testing Moona

Coline, Yoan (Production Manager based in Shenzhen) and engineers from our Plastic and Assembly factory: assembling and testing Moona


Electronics and test jigs 

  • Each Moona has 6 circuit boards, the first 200 units of each circuit board have been produced! 
  • During production, those circuit boards are all individually tested using test jigs : automated tools that tests the circuit boards main functions, which is also a way to check the wiring. 

Moona Test jigs and circuit boards

Moona test jigs and circuit boards


5 out of 6 test jigs are ready and have been used to check the matching circuit board. We are currently running tests on the last one (the most complex) to confirm it is ready and validate the last circuit board. 

David working on the test jigs firmware


Plastics and Silicon 

  • Regarding the plastics: as we previously explained, it takes several iterations to get the mold and injected parts right. We previously showed you results of T0 and T1 (the 2 first iterations). 

Water-tank parts coming out of the injection machine & T2 plastic parts: getting ready for testing


We have done 2 additional iterations to refine those parts since our last update. Minor issues ofT2

T2 fixed most issues but one major issue remain which is causing a leak in the water tank. 

We have identified the issue and modified the molds accordingly. New parts have been injected (T3). We are getting them early next week and will be able to test them extensively. If those are ok, we will then do the “finishing of the molds” which is a quick process needed in order for the plastic parts to get their final aspects (matte). And then mold will be ready for production.

  • All silicon parts have been produced to make 1500 products. That is 8 custom silicon parts for each Moona.


Other and packaging 

  • It takes a lot of components and suppliers to make a Moona! 
  • We have had to change our fabric supplier for quality reason. Our cotton parts (tubing sleeve and pillow pad) are not that simple to make …. unfortunately. We found a good supplier but it requires a lot of training, testing and checking to get those fabric parts right. After many efforts, we will have the first 200 units next week!  
  • Packaging is on is way (See team picture below for the final design).
  • Almost all remaining components and subparts have been received by our assembly factory, ready for production. 


2) New team members 

We recently welcomed two new team members: Eléna and Côme.

Eléna & Côme


Our former Marketing Manager, Nicolas, left Moona last month. Thanks to him for all the great work. 

Eléna joined as part of Moona’s business team as Customer Success. She is always happy to help you and answer any question. Your comments and feedback will be invaluable; feel free to share them with her! Check out our new FAQ to see part of what she has been up to lately. 

Côme joined as Software Engineer to work on the app, backend and algorithms. Fun fact is that Côme already worked for Moona during his studies at Centrale Paris (French Engineering School), on the very first version of Moona app! We called it MoonApp at that time. We are very happy to have him back. 

Things are accelerating and Moona is growing up; we are putting everything in place to be and remain as efficient as possible!


3) Shipping timeline

We will first produce and ship 200 units, then fulfill the remaining orders right after. With the latest development explained below, we expect to start shipping these first units in June.

We will do our best to ship the other as soon as possible after that. We expect to do so three to six weeks after the pre-production batch.


It has been a long (and exciting) road, we are going as fast as possible while ensuring quality. We can't wait to produce our very first Moona!

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Sleep Well!

The Moona Team

Coline Juin
Coline Juin