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Do you suffer from sleep problems at night? Hot sleepers to insomniacs – we’re here to help.

As opposed to chemical sleeping pill solutions, there is now a plethora of sleep technology out there and as sleep experts here at MOONA, we are going to help you navigate the world of sleep aid devices through this article.

Backed by science, and curated for the most troubled of sleepers, here is our complete guide to the best sleep aid devices in 2021:

  • MOONA (best for temperature regulation)
  • 2Breathe Sleep Inducer (best for falling asleep)
  • Dodow (best for quickly falling into good sleep)
  • LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine (best for noise canceling, eliminating distractions)
  • InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser (best for soothing, restful ambiance)
  • Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Therapy Lamp Light (best for tracking and monitoring sleep conditions)

MOONA – Active Cooling Pillow Pad

To begin, we recommend MOONA as it is not only the least intrusive and most soothing of the sleep aid devices on our list, but because it has also been created with great knowledge and expertise by sleep temperature and sleep aid experts. It is important to recognise the importance of temperature at night and the impact it has on falling asleep, as well as maintaining a good night’s sleep over the course of the night. Temperature is often the root cause of many people’s sleeping problems, and the growing number of hot sleepers highlights this problem. The solution? Try MOONA! Designed to keep you cool throughout the night directly through its cooling effect targeting your head and neck area through the pillow pad, users will soon find themselves with a customisable temperature profile ensuring their comfort and long-lasting temperature regulation. 

To reap even greater benefits with MOONA, while anyone can use the product consisting of the cooling pillow pad and bedside pod, we try to keep menopausal women and hot sleepers especially close to our hearts as we empathise with them and want to help. Bearing in mind the difficulties faced by these key demographics and how our product is tailor made to effectively provide them with relief, this highlights the efficiency and high quality that is to be expected with MOONA.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, we’ve detailed below some pros and cons of MOONA to allow you to fully evaluate it and make an informed decision:


  • Direct, fast and effective cooling effect targeted straight to head and neck area in order to cool you down and relax you into maintained restful sleep
  • 87% of bad sleepers report improved sleep with MOONA
  • Based on science and formed with modern technology
  • Customisable with each user able to determine their ideal temperature profile


  • Can take up to 10 days to fully learn and analyse your sleeping patterns and perform at its best efficiency, but comes with a 60 day trial period
  • For best performance, a setup like a bedside table is required to keep the pod at a height equal to the bed

2Breathe Sleep Inducer

Moving on to a more meditative, almost hypnotic, sleep aid device we have the 2Breathe Sleep Inducer. Consisting of a strap with a small sensor, the user must wear it around their abdomen. 2Breathe monitors the user’s breathing and each individual inhalation and exhalation through this strap. It then sends this data to the 2Breathe app on your phone to analyse your breathing patterns and a tailored set of breathing tones is then calculated to guide and slow down your breathing into total relaxation and ultimately sleep.

2breath sleep inducer

This device is thus highly effective in relaxing the user and guiding them peacefully into sleep. It is also a very natural and calming method of inducing sleep and is sure to be a popular choice today with the rising interest in meditation and meditative breathing principles as such. 

However, once the sensor in the strap detects sleep, the app automatically switches off and thus the guided breathing also stops. Therefore, while this device may be highly effective into lulling the user into sleep, it remains effective solely for this purpose and doesn’t maintain any kind of optimal sleep during the night unlike the MOONA. It is thus important to consider what you want from your sleeping aid device – better overall sleep throughout the night or help falling asleep? 

We are going to further explore other devices that navigate ease of falling asleep, comfort and improved sleep quality, but below are the pros and cons of 2Breathe:


  • Natural, meditative, eases into sleep by relaxation and tranquillity rather than medicinal alternatives
  • Simplicity of use, no set up required
  • Inexpensive (£49.90) and highly effective – good value


  • Only helps falling asleep, doesn’t guarantee any improvement in sleep overnight or prevent from waking up/ restless sleep
  • Could be invasive and uncomfortable for users sleeping with a band around abdomen – could in turn cause more waking up in the night 


Another hi-tech sleep aid device centred around monitoring your breathing into slower breaths lulling you to sleep, Dodow has had huge success rates since its launch in 2014, with its users falling asleep 2.5 times faster than normal. Dodow projects a halo of blue light onto your ceiling, to which the user’s breathing patterns soon become synchronised; inhalation when the beam expands and exhalation when it contracts. That’s why Dodow also creates a hypnotic, relaxing effect - for the user, it’s like watching a pendulum. 


Simplicity of use is a huge benefit to the Dodow, with its tiny circular touch-sensitive pod being its hardware, one tap on the top of its surface sets the 8-minute mode and two taps sets the 20-minute mode. Both these short timeframes highlight how effective the product is at hypnotising users and their breathing patterns into sleep. The blue light projected onto the ceiling is also a mellow and relaxing colour, not strong enough to inhibit the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, unlike the harsh blue light projected from mobile devices.

Similarly to 2Breathe, Dodow gradually reduces the user’s breathing rate but as the breaths are synchronised with the pulsing blue light. Breaths become reduced from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, stimulating the baroflex, which is a physiological mechanism that restores the balance to your automatic nervous system. Ultimately, this allows you to pass from an alert, active awake state to a drowsy state, ready for sleep.


  • Simplicity of use, no set up required
  • Natural, relaxing and non-intrusive method of getting to sleep
  • Inexpensive (£49.90) and highly effective – good value
  • Designed by insomniacs


  • Could still wake up in later stages of the night
  • 3AAA batteries required

LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine

While some remain unfazed by background noise and little amounts are comforting to them allowing them to relax and get to sleep, most of us find overly loud noises disturbing when trying to get to sleep. For many who don’t live alone, whether flat sharers or those in university accommodation, we may need applications or devices that offer white noise and its variations to cover up disruptive noises and get to sleep. The Lectrofan White Noise Sound Machine is designed to cover up such noise, while also ensuring there isn’t too big of a change in environmental sound frequency.

Even for those who don’t face disruption when trying to get to sleep, many enjoy the comfort and relaxation of listening to soothing ocean sounds to get to sleep, which is why this device offers twenty-two sounds including white, brown and pink noises, as well as two ocean sounds. This device has leverage over other similar applications and devices as it is not only designed to create unique, non-repeating sounds, but it can set in-device timers and can even be connected to headphones or speakers via Bluetooth.


  • Compact, easy to use bedside device
  • Relaxing, non-intrusive method aiding getting to sleep
  • Inexpensive - $59.95 but always on offers


  • Only helps to cancel noise while getting to sleep, doesn’t guarantee any improvement in sleep overnight or prevent from waking up/ restless sleep
  • Huge market for white noise, noise cancelling products, many apps available too so customers may question why they need to spend more on this device

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

A good night’s sleep is all about the correct environment and this product provides exactly that – the ultimate ambiance of relaxation. Doubling as a night light if desired, it provides a gentle and soothing LED illumination that will help users relax and achieve a calm, drowsy state, ready for sleep.

By dispersing essential oil microparticles into the air, while also functioning as an air humidifier, this device eliminates odour, creating a peaceful aroma and a comfortable environment. Simplicity of use is again a huge benefit here as its different misting modes are easy to navigate, and it has a built-in safeguard that will automatically switch the device off when the water level is low. Users can therefore turn it on at bedtime and have a carefree, restful sleep enjoying humidified aromatic air throughout the night.

InnoGear also sell this device in an aromatherapy set alongside six essential oils, including sweet orange, lemongrass, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender. With these essential oils and the luxury feel of the device, the user gets the feeling of almost a luxury spa day. Additionally, the lavender oil would especially benefit restless sleepers and naturally provide them with the relief they seek from a sleep aid device.


  • Natural aromatherapy sleep aid
  • Trendy, sleek design
  • Inexpensive ($33.99) and effective – great value


  • May be noisy when running through the night which could be disruptive

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Therapy Lamp Light

Finally, to close with a high-end hi-tech product the same way in which we opened, we have Philips SmartSleep. Designed to collaborate with its partner app SleepMapper, this device aims to improve your overall sleep quality by monitoring and analysing your sleep environment, i.e. your bedroom and its conditions. 

Like the MOONA, both devices connect to Wifi and track your sleep and give you feedback. While the Philips SmartSleep helps you learn about how the environment in your room affects your rest, MOONA also acts on this, as temperature is one of the main environmental features affecting sleep and the MOONA is centred around ensuring cooling effects all through the night.

The Philips app allows users to document what time they go to bed, fall asleep, how long they slept for and how many times they woke up and for how long. The app then prescribes how much sleep the user should aim to get. While this is something, most advanced sleep aid devices can do this automatically, like the MOONA, or even most Fitbits, neither of which require the user to input this data manually themselves.

SmartSleep also however analyses your bedroom’s temperature, noise, light and humidity levels, alongside its companion app. It emits a light in the morning designed to ease you out of sleep at the time you desire, similarly to the way in which the MOONA gradually increases the temperature in the pillow pad to promote awakening.


  • Intermediate indoor environmental conditions tracker
  • Trendy, sleek design


  • Inefficient asking users to manually enter data, should have better trackers and could be inaccurate as users can’t account for/ be expected to know about their awake stages and their durations in between sleep stages
  • The morning light is the main feature; while this tracks indoor conditions, it doesn’t do anything to act on them or improve them

We hope you enjoyed our guide to a few of our favourite hi-tech sleep aid devices. To continue helping hot sleepers, insomniacs and all those battling sleep problems, we will keep our website and blog posts updated with any new technological developments or when any exciting new products enter the market.

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Coline Juin
Coline Juin