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October 25, 2019 3 min read

Sleeping comfortably at night can be a struggle. By following these five simple tips, you’re sure to get a good night rest, even during months of extreme temperatures.


Wear comfortable cotton clothing

What you wear to sleep also affects the quality of your sleep to a great extent; more so during the peaks of summer and winter. Wear something loose and light when you go to bed. Cotton clothing is best for summer days, be it during the day or at night.

Cotton clothes are airy and light. They absorb sweat and keep you comfortable for longer. Clothing made of other materials like satin or silk or synthetic fabric can be very uncomfortable to wear in the heat. These do not allow air to pass through and are not absorbent enough. If you don’t want to get up in the middle of the night all sweaty and flustered, better avoid such fabrics.


Use a cooling pillow pad

If you are used to flip your pillow to the cooler side, mid-sleep, this is just the right thing for you. MOONA is composed of a cooling pillow pad, a bedside smart controller and a mobile app. MOONA helps you improve your nights by allowing you to fall asleep faster, get better deep sleep and wake-up naturally. All of this is based on the fact that our body andability  to sleep answer to temperature fluctuations.This smart cooling system understands your sleep patterns and offers a tailored experience for each night, keeping your head/neck area fresh according to your preferences, allowing your core temperature to decrease and helping you to sleep better. 

Take a shower before bed

The effect a good cool shower can have on your sleep is rarely something people consider. Showering with cold water before going to bed can help in lowering your body temperature and reduce stress too. It has also been proven that a cool shower before bed can improve blood circulation and relax your senses. What better reasons do you need? So, go ahead and take a nice long shower before bed every day and go to sleep fresh and cool.



Install air conditioning 

An obvious suggestion to make your sleeping space as comfortable as possible is to install air-conditioning. It goes without saying that air conditioning is essential to have a comfortable room that is uniformly cooled and has the right level of humidity for human comfort. This is also suggested by cooling solutions experts like Quality Air.

Air conditioning systems are designed to effectively cool rooms to have a comfortable, undisturbed sleep. Choose an air conditioner that is most suitable for your room’s dimensions. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner depends on the size of the space they are meant for. So, if you choose one smaller than your requirement, it won’t cool well enough, and if it is bigger, your room could be using unnecessary, excess power. So, decide wisely.


Keep your window shutters and blinds closed during the day

There are certain times during the day when the sun shines directly and mercilessly on your bedroom. Keeping the window shutters and blinds closed during that time would be a wise choice. In concrete homes, the heat that enters during the day takes a long time to be dissipated. In order to  avoid getting your room heated up, you should try and avoid direct sunlight entering your room. You can also use tinted glass on your windows for this purpose. 

Once the sun is down, open the windows and let the cooler air in for ventilation. This will help cool the room faster.

Coline Juin
Coline Juin