Moona Waiting List

Buying a Moona, you will receive:

1x Bedside Pod 

1x Pillow Pad 

1x Sleep App

Shipping Estimated August 2018

Reserve your Moona now and save $100 from the final price of $399*

 * Please note: We'll process your payment immediately. You are pre-ordering a product that has not yet been manufactured. If you order today, we estimate it will be shipped in August. The pre-order price is $299 (shipping not included). You will receive an email to pay the rest ($250) before we ship the product. We've tried to accurately describe it, but we may make changes before it's delivered. If that happens, we'll let you know. You are responsible for any duties that may incur. You can get a complete refund, including shipping, at any time until the product has been shipped.

Quieter than a whisper (<25 dB)

 So comfortable you won't feel it's there

No signal transmission during the night 

Compatible with any pillow 

No electronics in the sleeping pad

Adjust temperature directly on the device during the night