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Cool it. Sleep on it.

Moona actively improves your sleep throughout the night thanks to smart head temperature regulation.

A smart pad placed inside your pillow

Regulated by the control unit, cool water runs through the pad to keep your head at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Placed on your bedside table, the control unit understands your sleep and sets the best temperature for you to get optimal rest.

A control unit that adapts to your sleeping patterns

"The thermal environment is
a key determinant of sleep
because thermoregulation is strongly linked
to the mechanism regulating sleep."

Why can't you sleep?

Temperature is the answer

Research has shown that temperature strongly influences sleep.

To fall asleep quickly, your body temperature needs to decrease. Ever wondered why you keep flipping that pillow to the cool side? And cooler temperatures improve the quality of sleep throughout the night.

Moona focuses on head and neck temperature regulation because the upper body is a major heat exchanger (and the brain is a major heat producer).

- Kazue Okamoto-Mizuno, Koh Mizuno, "Effects of thermal environment on sleep and circadian rhythm", Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 2012

less time to fall asleep


more deep sleep


more alertness during the day


60% of people have sleep issues

Here's what some of them say about Moona:

  • "I often take more than an hour to fall asleep. With Moona, I finally fall asleep quickly. I love it!" - Benjamin
  • "I fall asleep quicker and wake up less in the middle of the night." - Laura
  • "It’s great because when I go to sleep, my pillow is cool and it’s relaxing." - Catherine

David Stoikovitch

CTO & Co-founder

Pierre Gaillard

Electronics Engineer

The people behind Moona

William Kadjo

Hardware Engineer

Marion Bresson

Marketing & Communications

Coline Juin

CEO & Co-founder

Edgar Fournival

Software Engineer

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